5th Grade Newsletter

February 2016

Science with Mr. Twa

This month is an exciting time for 5th grade. We will be preparing our Eco-column habitats in preparation for some friends that will use it as a home. During this life science unit, we will be making observations, and learning about inter-dependency by comparing food webs, chains, and energy pyramids. We will also be reviewing and preparing for the benchmark assessment in March.

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Reading, Writing, & Social Studies with Mrs. Brittain & Mrs. Harris

This month we will be learning about the California Gold Rush. We will be analyzing several different secondary and primary sources about the journey the miners took to the gold fields, being there, and then making the decision to return home. Each student will then create a persona and write three journal entries from the perspective of a gold miner in the 1800s. After students have completed their reading, they will decide if the journey for gold was worth it or not.
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Math with Mrs. Hladky

In Math, we have learned to multiply decimal fractions using a number line, partial products, shading in parts of a whole, and the algorithm. Next week, we will be learning about perimeter, area, and volume. We will take our summative assessment over multiplying decimal fractions and perimeter, area, and volume on Friday, February 12th.

The Math STAAR Benchmark will be on February 24th. Please continue to work with your child at home on memorizing their multiplication facts. We are also practicing our own multiplication chart as fast as we can, so let your student show you how fast they can make one at home! Our goal is to finish in less than 10 minutes!

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Please encourage your child to complete their weekly math and reading homework. It is vital to your child's success that they are reading at least 20-30 minutes a night, and practicing their math fluency and skills. Students who turn in their homework have the opportunity to earn WOO bucks!

February Dates to Remember

Valentine Party-February 12, 2016 from 9:00-10:00 a.m.

  • We will be celebrating Valentines Day with Cupid Floats and Donuts. Students will exchange Valentines as they snack on sweet treats. Please feel free to join us!

Father Daughter Dance-February 13, 2016

All Fathers & daughters are invited to attend! From 5:30-7:30 at Prairie View Elementary.

No School-February 15, 2016

  • There will be no school on Monday, February 15th.

Math Night-February 23, 2016

More information on our annual Math Night to come!

Picture Day-February 24, 2016

Spring Pictures

Texas Stride

Stride is a valuable resource that reinforces what is being taught in your child's science, math, and reading classroom. Please encourage your child to use it at home. If your child needs another copy of their login, please let their homeroom teacher know!
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Goal Setting

Seeing as that one of the themes of our school this year is to have a growth mindset, we will be implementing goal setting in each of our classrooms this year. Each student will be responsible for setting goals in specific academic areas throughout the year with the help of their teachers. Our hope is that each student will use the goals they have set to motivate themselves to reach their potential!

Parents play an important role in our success. Please ask your child about their goals and encourage them to work hard in order to reach them! We want to celebrate their successes, and we know that it would be even more powerful if their successes are celebrated both at home and at school!

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Six Flags Read to Succeed

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The last day to turn in the Six Flags Read to Succeed will be February 26th! Please encourage your child to earn that free ticket!