Teacher TED Talks @ MGSH

Discussion on Educational Issues

Learn With Fellow Teachers and Get Free Dessert!

Remember how much fun it was in college to sit around with other interesting and smart people just talking about important issues? Well here is your chance to relive that part of your college experience and keep your brain happy and in a growth mindset. We will watch a short TED Talk on a subject and then have a free flowing discussion with no homework and no grading!

Sponsored by Your ATPPS Coaches

When: All 3 lunch periods on Monday, Feb. 24

Where: Room 155

BYOL: Bring your own lunch, but we will provide dessert!

Why: Re-establish your growth mindset while reliving your college days discussing great issues with smart, interesting people.* Also, to remember during these busy times why you became a teacher and are making a difference in the lives of your students.

*No guarantee that this will be your true college experience. Some of you had much wilder times than others.