Reconquest and Spanish Inquisition

Date: 11/1/1478 through 7/15/1834

Summary of The Reconquest and Spanish Inquisition

It all starts when The King ( Ferdinand) and the Queen ( Isabella) have joined and decided to bring together both Spain and Portugal into one which is Spain. They thought and made every Jews to convert to Christians and most Jews did turn into Christians. Later on in 1492 you had to convert from Jewish to Christians or you had to leave the area. Later on the other Jews that have not converted to Christian yet had to because the new king John the III said that if I see any Jews still in my land will be punished and most of the punishments where death so than that made the Jews listen. Than later on the king had decide to change one more rule and that rule was once again harsh. Every Muslim had to convert to Christians or else they will also get punished. But now in our time you may follow any religion but Spain is mostly filled with Christians and Catholics.

A Jews Point Of View- Rafael Saturn

I am enjoying my day relaxing, hanging out with my grandparents and I am having a BLAST. They are wonderful until one day I see my Grandpa crying. I told him what is wrong and I notice my Grandma is not there which makes me think that if she has died. I was about to cry to but then my Grandma walks in the room. She starts to cry. At this point I am confused and my grandma speaks to me and says " Hi Rafael I was wondering if are you OK with not having your religion items anymore". I have realized what may be happening.And I was not to happy about that. I would have said yes but all my items was very special to me because I was given a item from all my family members and even my great grandparents. Then I open the door and tried to get some fresh air and thinking about becoming Buddhism because I can be able to see the bones of Buddha and than boom another surprise came from my Grandmas mouth and it was I can only become Catholic. I started to cry and that day I have made a promise to follow my "new" religion and finish it all the way and even though I have to cross obstacles I will do this for my family. Overall it was hard switching to a new religion where I barley knew anyone or anything but It was worth it instead of leaving my favorite country and family.