Demonstraction plan - Rich Task

Sena Asik @ Royal Windsor Montessori and Daycare


Thursday, January 14th

Time of Demo:

1:30 @2157 Royal Windsor Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 1K5

Description of Activity: winter painting activity

This year I chose to do an art activity with the children because I think artistic development is one of the most important developments of a child. Just by expressing their own creativity they are also developing physical holistic development by using fine motor skills to draw, color and paint. Students will start off by preparing materials, that will develop their organizational skills, after they with assist me with making the puffy paint which will also be a short experiment for them. Students will then put their smocks on and get started.


I have chosen to do these tasks because they are a very good example of my daily routines at my placement. I specifically chose this lesson because its an excellent way to get a group of students to participate all at once. I'm hoping this activity will show the importance of my position at Royal Windsor Montessori.

Details of the Activity:

1. prepare materials with students

2. children will put their smocks on

3. make puffy paint with children, giving the children responsibilities

4. children can then get started and express their own creativity with materials

5. children will then put their paintings on the drying rack and wash their hands.

Required Materials

for puffy snow paint:

-shaving cream


-food coloring

- wet glue

other materials:

-smocks for children

-pencil crayons

-paper (blank and colorful)

-glitter glue


Special Instructions For Teacher:


Approved Date, Time & activity




Signature of Placement Supervisor