Charmed Impressions

November Recognition!!

A November to Remember!!

First, I am so proud of all of your efforts last month. You all took advantage of the holiday selling season and Dot Dollars and knocked it out of the park! We seriously had a killer month with over $41,000 in Team Sales! What?? That is an all time team record! We also had 4 new stylists join our team in November, which I also think is a team record. And finally, we had 1 re-promotion, two that earned their second time promotion bonuses and two that promoted to a new career rank for the first time!!

A few stats...
Everyone our Top 10 in Sales sold over $1500 this month with our Top 5 earning their 5% commission raise by selling over $2300. That's at least an additional $115 in your pocket! That should come in handy this as you do your holiday shopping! There are 11of you who have already earned their $500 for $99 coupon with over $2000 in sales for the quarter! That's fantastic! Additionally, there are 6 stylists who have earned the $200 for $69 coupon by selling $500 thus far this quarter!

Overall this was an amazing month with so many achievements and so many hitting their goals! I am beyond thrilled for each of your accomplishments! Let's keep this momentum going into December! These next couple of weeks can be even more lucrative & exciting than November! But first, let's cheer about some team recognition....


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We have a New Associate Stylist!!

Jesse Bronstein welcomed new stylist Allie Teixeira to her team this month and had a fabulous month of sales with over $2800! This, combined with Allie's successful launch with over $750 in sales, helped Jesse promote to Associate Stylist this month!! Jesse, congratulations on your well deserved promotion. Use that $100 promotion bonus for something fun! And that $250 product credit bonus is going to come in handy today on the new spring preview.

Huge Congratulations to our Newest Senior Stylist!!

Laura Demerle was a busy lady this month! She was #10 in Top Sales. She earned her $100 second time promotion bonus for Associate Stylist. She welcomed new stylist Lisa Behymer to her team. And then, with the help of Lisa and her teammate, Kristen Ciambrone (our #2 in Top Sales) Laura promoted to Senior Stylist!! Laura accomplished all this while working FULL time! Enjoy that $250 bonus Laura! I am so excited for you and I know that STAR is in your future!

More Promotion Kudos!!

I also have to Congratulate Jackie Glasscock on re-promoting to Senior Stylist!! Jackie leads an incredible Texas-based team. Building on a foundation of strong personal sales with over $1800, Jackie helped Kristen Belshaw re-engage in her business (and earn her $200 for $69 style fix coupon in the process) with over $750 in sales! Finally, Associate Stylist, Annie Hansen, was a key cornerstone with just under $3500 in sales (a personal best sales month). Amazing Jackie, you are back where you belong as a Senior Stylist! Next stop, STAR!

Also to be Celebrated....

Stephanie Fahmy achieved her second month as an Associate Stylist and earned $100 as a cash bonus! Way to go Stephanie! You had that as your goal and together with your teammate, Lucy Graham, you made it happen! I have a funny feeling that your team will be growing very soon.


Lisa Shilling

Lisa lives in New Hampshire and joined Mandy Morreale's team after falling in love with the line. She says "why not take that passion and create an opportunity for myself." I couldn't agree more!!

Some Last Thoughts on November....

I just had to share our November team trunk show numbers because I think that they are a great thing to look back on. Last month, we had 24 trunk shows that had orders out of 30 booked shows. This month we almost DOUBLED that number with 43 shows with orders out of 46 booked shows. That is amazing! Next month, so far we have 35 shows on the pipeline. Let's see if we can beat November's numbers and have 45 trunk shows with orders!

I also again wanted to reiterate what a great month we had for team sponsoring with 4 new stylists joining the Charmed Impressions! I also love that we grew our team across the country with Missouri & New Hampshire ladies now sharing their Stella & Dot pride!

So let's celebrate our November successes!!

Now, as Bill Belichick would say, "WE'RE ON TO DECEMBER!"

December... It's GO Time!!

These next 2 and a half weeks are insane as people are 100% focused on getting their gift shopping done! Be their holiday helper and save them that trip to the Mall!

  • Book trunk shows so that your hostess can do her shopping for free while her friends sip wine and cross a couple of names off of their lists and earn themselves Dot Dollars for discounted treats post holidays.
  • Offer private shopping hours at your home. Keep those jewels out and accessible so your friends can pop over to shop.

Be creative...

  • Link up with a neighborhood Dad's group and help them be heroes this holiday season!
  • Set up shop at a local boutique for an afternoon.
  • Check into holiday shopping fairs that many communities have either at local schools or churches.

How much do you want to make in commissions this month? Write it down and then TAKE ACTION to make it happen!

My December Goals...

I have been inspired by Annie Hansen, Jesse Bronstein, Laura Demerle & Mandy Morreale so this month my focus is on sharing the opportunity with others. It is the best gift that someone could give themselves this season. Instead of asking for another sweater, pair of boots or a trendy designer handbag, why not invest in themselves and get something that will get them all three when they work at it? Not to mention a ton of really cute accessories and a discount on their own holiday shopping!

My goal is to mentor 2 new stylists this month and help them achieve their Quickstart bonuses by month end. I am going to reach out to 10 people in the next two days to share why I think Stella & Dot would be the greatest gift this season.

Of course, my sales goal is to sell another $10,000 by the end of the month and I would love to promote to Associate Director as well. But my first focus is going to be on growing our team and helping them (and all of you) achieve their goals!

Happy selling and sponsoring Ladies! As always, I am here for any support or coaching that you need! All you have to do is ask! Text me: 617-650-4204


Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor

I'm here to help you reach your personal goals, so reach out to me for any questions you might have! If you want to set up a weekly check-in & coaching call, let me know! We can work together to help you take your business to the next level!!

December First 5 to get to $500 get $5!!

We all know how great it feels to front load our months and qualify for the month in the first few days. Let's celebrate that achievement with a Peppermint Mocha or Gingerbread Latte on me!! Be one of the first 5 to get to $500 in sales by December 5th and you will get a $5 gift card on me to feed your caffeine addiction.