There has been modest improvements in monetary freedom. There freedom score is 79.1, making it the 6th freest in 2015. The control of government spending is is outweighed by declines in labor freedom and corruption. Canada continues to be the freest economy in the North American region. Establishing a business takes up to four days, and getting a license may take up to 200 days. The labor market is flexible and labor costs are moderate. The government controls prices for health care. Americas freedom score is 76.2 making it the 12th ranked. Since 2009, over 150 new major regulations have been imposed at an annual cost of more than $70 billion.

Countries society

Both countries are fairly comparable and similar. In the us, The average tariff rate is 1.5 percent. Tariffs on clothing are high, sugar imports face tariff-rate quotas, and petroleum and liquefied natural gas exports are restricted. The country values clothing, oil, and sugar.Canada’s average tariff rate is a low 0.8 percent. Canada continues to negotiate free trade agreements but restricts dairy imports. They have a solid market, Foreign investment in some sectors of the economy, including airlines and telecommunications, is regulated. Ev everything that is available in Canada is in US. Canada is not going through anything too uncommon.