The Upstander Brand

Updates from our student-run company

Weekly newsletter

Dear Upstander Brand supporters, members, and valued customers;

This is the first edition of our biweekly (every other week) newsletter. In these updates, you will be notified about new product releases, important changes and any overall upgrades to our company/website. Thank you for your support!

Updates on Company Progress

As we further develop our business, we have split into multiple groups, or departments, that each require business skills that will benefit us for our future endeavors. Our current departments are Public Relations and Marketing, Research and Development, Creative, and Budgeting and Financing.

In the Public Relations and Marketing department, the students are targeting customers using social media platforms to bring a spotlight on The Upstander Brand. They're also brainstorming ideas for the future of our company, and products we will create.

In Creative, they have been working on creating tutorials in the Photoshop application to enrich their peers about graphic design.

In Budgeting and Financing, they’re making purchases for our business such as a lamination machine, stamps, and envelopes. They’re also calculating the percentages of our profit that will be given to our charities, (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the American Cancer Society), as well as verifying all of our orders, of which we currently have twenty-two.

In Research and Development, they have been printing the bookmarks, (our products), mailing the orders, and making surveys about Phases two and three, (the future of our company’s products). We depend on all of these departments in order to have a successful business and maintain organization throughout our classroom.