Coach's Corner

Volume 3, April 2015

What You Do Matters!

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Instructional Strategies

Writing to Learn

Writing to Learn activities are short, informal tasks the help students think through the essential concepts and skills being taught. These strategies are not limited to the core content areas, but can be used everywhere.

Examples of Writing to Learn strategies include:

  • Quick Writes
  • ABC list
  • RAFTs
  • Entrance/Exit Slips
  • Think-Pair-Share
  • Top 10 or Top 3 List
  • MVP
  • GIST
  • Cornell Notes
  • Combination Notes
  • KWL

Remember, Writing to Learn activities can be used every day, and take less than five minutes!

If you would like any support in incorporating Writing to Learn strategies into your lessons, let me know!

Spotlight on Productive Group Work

Accountable Talk

After students engage in discussion with a partner, they explain their partner's ideas to the class.

Technology Integration

5 Ways Google Tools Can Make Education More Exciting

Recently Edudemic shared 5 Ways Google Tools Can Make Education More Exciting, and focused on Google Hangouts, Slides, Maps, Search, and Drawing can be used to hook students in the content. As part of a GAFE district we are blessed to have access to these tools, and I encourage you to incorporate them into your classroom. If you would like ideas on how you can harness the power of Google Apps in your classroom, or would like me to model a lesson or activity using one or more tools, please let me know!

Finally, a Little Education Humor

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