June 25th

Final Assembly Agenda

Dismissal on June 25th

Dismissal time is technically at 1:30 pm for students on this day. However, it's clear that our school community is used to picking up their children after the year end assembly which should end around 12:00 ish.

If students are dismissing from your class on the 25th before 1:30, they will require parental consent, or of course a parent or older sibling to come and pick them up. If students are leaving before 1:30 pm, it is the classroom teacher's responsibility to ensure that each child has informed consent from their parents. An example of informed consent would be a parent signature on the planner, or the regular caregiver, (parent, older sibling) picking up a student.

Teachers cannot just send a blanket note to parents saying please pick up your child at 12:15 after the assembly, unless of course, each note is individually signed.

Same rules do apply for Sports Day.