Emporor Justinian

By : Joshua Belen 4A 3/13/15

Background of Justinian

In 527 Justinian came to the trone. He was a stong ruler. He was considered the greatest Byzantine Emperor. He served in the army and was a good general. He was very smart with law, music, arcitecture, and theology. As an emperor, he controlled the army and navy. He was also a supreme judge.
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She is Justinians' wife. She was a big help to him. Her family was very poor. She was an actress before meeting Justininan. There was a law for emporers that they couldnt get married. Because he really liked Thepdora , he banned the rule.
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Hagia Sophia

it is also known as '' Holy Wisdom .'' It was once called Constanople. It is located where Eourope meets Asia. Since, 1935 it has been a museusm. The modern interrior refers to the Christian and Muslim heritage of the building.
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