College Makes Students Wear Uniform

By Reidy Versfelt

The small town college, Greendale Community College, is requiring their students to now wear school uniforms. The dean and other professors hopes wearing matching uniforms will create more "unity" and "a team-like atmosphere".

Most elementary schools and some middle schools require their students to wear uniforms so they can find kids easier. Most high schools require their students to follow a dress code to make sure they wear appropriate clothing. Greendale Community College is trying to create more of a unified team of students. According to Greendale's dean Michael Scott "making the students wear uniforms it is taking out the time and struggle of picking out an outfit, trying it on and possibly not liking it and starting all over again". With the new uniform Greendale is hoping that with the uniform students will have more time to study and catch up on homework and sleep.

With the new school uniforms students can do so much with their free time and the uniforms will make them feel more like a team. Although students might not like the idea of wearing uniforms in college at first, Dean Michael Scott believes that they will get used to the idea and learn to love it.