French Revolution


The French Revolution was a feud between the people of France and the French government. This feud lasted a total of 10 years from 1789-1799. The reason for this feud was that the people of France were upset with their government and decided to make a stand against the government.

Important events and people in the revolution

The people of France were unhappy with their government. So they decided to try and protest their government by storming the Bastille. This is considered the start of the french revolution. Although this is the start of the revolution there were many other important events that happened. Like the September massacre and the Republic of Virtue formation. These two events tore down the French government. But these events would not had happened if it wasn't for some very important people creating the events. Marquis de Launay is given the credit of leading the storm of the Bastille. Another important person in the French Revolution is Maximilien Robespierre he was a very influential man in the revolution, he was a man who talked out against the French government and inspired his fellow Frenchman. The end result of the French Revolution meant freedom for the French population: they earned the right to vote and the first French Republic.