Televison Throughout History

By: Cason Prue

Television in the 1940s

when they first came out TV's were more pricey so they were normally only found in the households of people with money. Eventually though the price of TV's would drop and they would be in nearly every house, bar, office, ect. The 40's were known as the "golden age" of television because they were creating new shows rapidly a few examples are The Goldbergs, Howdy Doody, and The Ed Sullivan Show

1960 the year of transition

Television was quickly becoming the mass medium in the 1960's. Radio use dropped down to only 2 hours, because TV us was going up. crowds at movie theaters went down because people no longer needed to leave the comfort of their home to watch a movie. shows of this time were the flintstones, the andy griffith show, the twilight zone, and bonanza.


In the 1990's there was in increase in violence, sex, and profanity leaving hard to be categorized. The change made it so families were no longer watching TV together as often because they all had their own types of genres. show of this time were The Simpson, Friends, and The Cosby Show.
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Present Time

Today TV is pretty much just pointless garbage mainly reality TV which is the farthest from real or revolve around hashtags or new technology. TVs are now flat rather than having a giant back to them, and theres normally a TV in every room. a few shows today are modern family, family guy, the honey boo boo, tosh.0.