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A Note from Ms. Massara

It was nice to see many of you last night at Open House! Can you believe it?! One month left of school! I can NOT believe how fast this year has gone! It has been amazing to see how much your/our kids have grown, matured, and learned over the course of the year. (Yes, I consider them my kids too :) ) We have many fun and exciting things to look forward to over the next month before the kiddos are officially 4th graders!

Geometry Museum Project

Due June 3rd. Do not feel like you need to go out and buy anything, I told the kids to get creative and find things around the house or even outside. You can use any materials you'd like to create shapes and label them. You can get creative and put the shapes into a scene (or you can just make individual shapes all over). Be sure to follow the guidelines. Let me know if you have any questions.

Field Trip to Planetarium

The Third Grade will be traveling to the Planetarium at Rowan University on Wednesday, June 1. I'll pick chaperones next week. I will be in touch.


Allergy season is upon us and 3M is in desperate need of tissues. Thank you for all your support this year.

Fruity Fridays

Please motivate your child to pack fruit on Fridays to encourage healthy eating habits.

Important Dates

5/26 Spring Concert, 7PM, HMS

5/27 Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

5/30 School Closed, Memorial Day

6/3 School Store, 1150-1240

6/4 Lizzy Haddon 5K, 8 AM- See information Below

6/6 Cubana Assembly

6/7 Bookworm Assembly 130 PM- 230 PM, APR

6/13 Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

6/15 Field Day, 9AM


Fraction Self Portraits

Minecraft Math Project

Chase, Emmett, Carrie

(Minecraft is awesome and if you don’t like it you’re crazy. OOh redstone or or birch wood) OK sorry. I was brainstorming for my idea for the Minecraft Area and Perimeter project. We could choose to create a floorplan or a biome or both! Area is the amount of square units in a certain amount of space. Perimeter is the amount of units around an area. Here is a trick. Perimeter has the word rim in it and when you find the perimeter you measure the rim. A floor plan is the rooms in a house. A biome is an outdoor life like a jungle or ocean. Carrie is doing a floor plan. Emmet and Chase also chose to do a floor plan. You measure the outside of your room for perimeter and then you count up the squares for the area. You need to make sure you label all of your rooms. Then you can color. In a biome you can find the area and perimeter of the ocean or the trees or the animals that you drew. Sorry gotta go! A creeper is about to explode in my emerald mansion! AHH!! BOOOM!

Coordinate Grids

Evie, Mia, Katie

We are learning about coordinate grids.You can make hidden pictures on a coordinate grid. We learned that you can think of a coordinate grid like a elevator. First you go over like you walk to the elevator, then up like going up the elevator. You use coordinate grids to plot points. Coordinate grids look like a big square. In class we made a mystery picture by following the directions and plotting points. One of the pictures turned out to be an owl. That is what we learned in math.

Geometry Town Map Project

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Do you know how to use a map? Do you like using them? Would you like making one because 3M did? It was a geometry map. We had to have three streets parallel to each other, two avenues that are perpendicular to each other, one boulevard that intersects three streets but is not perpendicular to them, and much more. We also had some buildings. We got to name our towns. Mine was called Bacon World. As you can see it was a lot of fun. It also took a lot of time. I hope you enjoyed learning about our map projects. Thank you for reading.

Reader's Workshop


Camila and Natalia

Do you know what a smile is? Well you’re lucky! We’re here to teach you about similes and metaphors

This week in 3M we read a book to gain more knowledge about similes and metaphors. The book was called “My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil.” The book was about a girl will a huge imagination. For example when he grandma comes to visit she asks questions such as “What is your teacher like?” “What is your favorite part of the day?” “Who is in your class?” and many more. So instead of using everyday answers she thought of something extraordinary. She decided to answer them by using similes and metaphors. For the question “what is your teacher like?” she answered Mrs. Jenning talks in a voice as sweet as candy. Reading the book really helped us learn what similes are.


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Possessive Nouns and Pronouns - Scavenger Hunt

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Ryan and Kyle

For the last two weeks we have been learning about possessive nouns and pronouns Possessive nouns are when you add an apostrophe and an s at the end of a noun to show ownership. For example, “that is Chase’s pencil.” That shows that Chase owns that pencil.The plural way to write possessive nouns is like this, “The cats’ bowls were full.” That shows that the multiple cats own the bowls.

Now since you’ve learned about possessive nouns were going to teach you about possessive pronouns. A pronoun takes the place of a noun. So a possessive pronouns takes the place of a possessive noun. For example That is my pencil or that pencil is mine.

We hope you had fun learning about possessive nouns and pronouns because we sure did!

Writer's Workshop

Narrative Writing- Sharing our Leads that "Hook In" our Readers

Connor and Bennett

In 3M our class learned to make QR codes. Ms.Massara showed us how to do it. First we went on to Ms. Massara’s eboard. After that we went onto the QR code app. We opened our writing and PowerPoint. We clicked to open the QR code maker. We opened our writing tab and clicked the box at the top of the page and copied the link from our writing. We pasted it into a box in the QR code maker and clicked make QR code and saved it into the G drive. We went to PowerPoint opened our QR and put it onto our cover page. Then we decorated our page and printed it. We scanned the QR codes with the iPad. We used the QR codes so our parents could read our speeches at open house.

In our introductions to our speeches we tried to hook our readers using questions or facts. We hook our readers because we want them to actually want to read our speeches. We ended our conclusion with a thesis statement which tells the reader what we want them to do. In our speeches we gave a bunch of reasons and examples. We also tried to make our readers feel a certain way. For example we might want them to feel guilty or embarrassed. In our conclusions we summed it up and restated our thesis. That is one thing we learned in 3M this week.

Social Studies: History of NJ

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Sabrina and Michael

From 15,000 years ago to now the 21st century we still stay native to our country. Our love will not shrink it will only grow. Stop with the details just get to the point. Fine! This week in school we learned about New Jersey’s history. Back long ago the indian tribe the Lenape Indians roamed the county until one day.. A man named Giovanni Da Verrazano sailed over and explored our land. The native americans did not seen another European for 100 years. Then again a man named Henry Hudson came and claimed the land his and called it New Netherland. He kept bringing people over to start a colony and eventually they pushed the indians off the land . This area would become New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and New Jersey the place we call home.

Ryan Receiving his Book Worm from Mr. B.

Star Student, Bennett

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Making 3D Shapes

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Have a great weekend!