Plains Indians of North America

Ancient Astronomers

North American Sky Lore

North American natives used the night skies in similar ways to other cultures. This sites gives you insight into how the Native Americans developed myths around the night skies.

Read each of this myths and see how they compare to the Greeks and other cultures.


Please answer the following questions in COMPLETE sentences. Include the question for clarification.

  1. Where are some of the large medicine wheels located in North America?
  2. Which tribes are believed to be responsible for them?
  3. What do archeologists believe were their astronomical purposes?
  4. What other purposes were they believed to have?
  5. How do people still attempt to use the medicine wheel today?
  6. What are some of the Texas native astronomical site? Where are they located? What are their purported purposes?
  7. What were some of the legends Native Americans ascribed to the constellations, planets, moon and Sun?
  8. Were the constellations the same of different to other unrelated ancient cultures? Compared to the Greeks, what concepts do they share? What is different?
  9. What other interesting or important information did you learn?