Collin Paulsen


The Very first trucks to modern day trucks have changed dramatically. There are three major manufactures in the United States. They are Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. The 21st century pickup trucks are being improved everyday. (A history of the American Pickup truck 1). Don Bunn explains, " During the eleven years the original Dodge Brothers company builds trucks they offered only one 3/4 ton from 1924 through 1927" (Bunn 1).


The Frame is what all the parts of the truck is connected too. Things like the cab, engine, bed, and tires. Mostly everything is bolted to it. The Frame is normally made out of two channel sections of alloy steel with a standardize width of eighty-six cm overall (Encyclopedia Britannica frames 1). The frames are staying close to the same design, but the manufacturer are trying to make them lighter for better gas mileage but still very strong. The manufacturers say "The Frames all depend on what the trucks purpose is" (Encyclopedia Britannica 1). Some trucks are used to move large objects around and some are used for just driving around. So they make the frame for the purpose.


Encyclopedia Britannica says "The most common form of front suspension is a drop-forged, one-section front attached to the frame through leaf-spring and shock absorbers" ( suspension). They are pretty much all the same design for pickup truck because they are meant for hauling heavy objects. IN 1960 individual front suspension was introduced in a truck that was powered with the rear wheels. (Suspension1). This allowed the wheight to go throw out the whole truck and drive smooth which also allowed it to get better gas milage. By putting suspension on the truck, it allowed comfort to the driver and less wear on the truck.

Engines, Fuel, and Emissions

Encyclopedia Britannica states "Until the 1930's the gasoline engines was widely used for trucks, especially in the U.S. but since world war two the diesel engine has become increasingly favorable for trucks used for long distance hauls. (1). Liquid propane gas was introduced in 1952 in trucks. Diesel engines have a lot of advantages from the power to gas mileage but it has very bad emissions. In 1990 the clean act amendment was passed to help to clear the air (encyclopedic Britannica, engines, fuel, and emmissons 2).


The first brakes were brake shoes operating direct to the wheels. In 1918 the first air brakes were made. Some of the newer trucks today have electric braking. "In electric brake systems a floating armature contacts a rotating disk on the wheel when electric surrent is applied and through a cam arrangenent applies the shoes to the drums" (encylopadia Brannia 1). The bigger trucks have air brakes that are use to stop in emergancys (Enclipadia brannica brakes 1).

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