She's the man vs The 12th night

Things you would have not known about these 2 movies

Summary of She's the man and The 12th night

In She's the man one of the characters acts to be a male or in her case her brother. She gets to live a new life. Also have the friends she has never had before. Then toward the end she surprisingly finds out that her brother is in the same radius as her and begins to mess up everything she had planned. The movie "The 12th night" a sister is "lost" in the sea and was mistaken as dead but the brother still lived on. Later on the sister makes it back to her brother but can not tell him just yet if she is alive. So she dresses up as her brother and falls in love with a girl that is the queen or princess. Which means two girls fall in love. Later the brother finds out about his sister and is reunited to her. Also falls in love with the girl that his sister was in love with.

The Differences Between The Two

One of the most observing this from the movies is that one of the movies is based in an older year. Such as the 1700's and also look like they are in England. In "She's the Man" there is a young girl that falls in love with her teammate and "try's" to get him hooked up with another girl, but ends up falling in love with him. The only problem is that she is disguised as a man.