The this year ending

Not for stranger! Only for my teacher!!!

May 11, 2016

At first, I started working on Star test, then moving to project on Social Studies, it gave me stress, sometime I get faster to final it. Also on Science, sometime I need to bring some to fix it, then. So... then I got few missing work. Then I kept the grade in total class was A(s) and I get join NCJHS to became member. :D

Spotlight on!!!

NCJHS the being member is better, but I hope to became a officer, VP... Really Hopefully...

Milestones Achieved

Becoming a member of NCJHS and having A(s) in total class grade!

Survival Tips...

When going Libaray, be awaken, libaray always closed in wednesday, sometime open if there is fair book. Always be good to avoid punishment or MIR, not even in your class if many students talking too loud. Planning to ready to get in lunch in quickly. Unless you need go bathroom... After lunch, when you went to 3 hours... STAY WHEN BELL RINGS! Because, of lunch time for other team.