by: darral porter 7th period


Martin Luther was the one who made the change. He also had formal statements that was called the 95 theses. The way that worked is that he posted their statements everywhere. People taught new religious beliefs based on it which was called Lutheranism. He also translated the Bible into German so that people could read it for themselves.

Who were the people associated with the change??

First, we have Martin Luther the man who brought a new religious group. Second, we have John Calvin which was the guy who taught calvinism. Guttenberg made the printing press so they could pass letter to others. Martin Luther was the one with the 95 theses so, thats people can get their rights. The Priests got mad and broke the vows by marrying .

How did the change impact the society at the time?

People made a agreement to teaching should be based on the bible ONLY. Also, people said that if you had faith you were equal to others. Luther the man with the new religious , he only believed in God. The Protestant were the ones who belonged in church so, people started to become them. They had problem with indulgences which means that priests were given sins. If you were Catholic you were'nt allowed to divorce.

How is that change seen in today's society??

In this society almost all people are protestants. With out the reformation we wouldn't have a choice. We read the bible nw but in our own language instead of latin. Also, the Catholic Church doesn't have as much power . Today the poeple do not care about what the pope has to say. So now today's society we can divorce. Society has change so much sense the Reformation.