Colonial Region Activity

American History

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Visit the famous Colonial cities

Blown off track come and visit Plymouth

Trying to start up a new family or a home? Well if so this is the place for you! Come along on a journey to the most glorified edifice of Mount Zion. The people of Plymouth believe in the right to practice the religion you please and for the freedom you deserve. The Natives are loving, friendly, and have taught us their ways. So come and visit Plymouth today.

Take a trip to Jamestown and see what John Smith helped discover

Do yo feel like the soil beneath your feet is rough? Do you want something that is rich? If so come down to Jamestown. Where being stuck in a rut will be a thing of the past. Jamestown is full of rich's that will be plentiful and soil worth farming! So come down to Jamestown!

Come and visit the oldest colonial cities of Boston

At the base of the Atlantic Ocean and along the Massachusetts Bay, the amazing sites will take away your breath. Boston is a site you cannot miss. Swim in the Charles River; one of the many passages used for importing and exporting goods with the European Nations and trade!

let yourself drift!

Delaware river

Come and be lazy on the Delaware river!!! As you enjoy your ride a remember the history that happened here. The Delaware river was apart of the 13 colonies and since settlements were closer to the soil then the soil was rich and plentiful. The soil was so rich it made for great farming. The river you will be floating on was used for transportation, and dugout canoes were created to navigate the waterways.

Potomac River

Rivers usually small length have small miles of stream. But don't let this river fool you it is a staggering 383 miles long. It crosses 4 states that include Fairfox Stone, West Virginia, Washington DC, Point Lookout, Maryland, and the well known area of Chesapeake Bay, Massachusetts stop by an take a peek. Venture towards the old trading sites as you let your mind drift. The colonies are as well known as the Native Americans for there extensive trading. So grab a tube and float down the river.

Questions and answers

1. What was Britain's purpose for establishing the Georgia colony and the Pennsylvania colonies.

Britain's purpose for the Georgia colony and the Pennsylvania colonies was to create different "social experiments". Both weren't created for the same purpose, but the of both were set up for the people who didn't fit in with the common colonists. Colonial Georgia shared its boarder with Florida during the time of the Spanish. Due to the fact that the British were scared of the Spanish, they created a buffer between them; they did this by sending prisoners and criminals down to Georgia. While Georgia was meant to scare off the Spanish, the Pennsylvania colonies were created for freedom. The creator, William Penn, was a Quaker. The main goal was to create a colony with no social class, no strict religious system, but with a strong economic system. Due to his vision being abnormal at the time, the officials had saw this society to be an experiment because it never happened before.

2. Describe William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania. William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania wasn't like that for the other colonies. In the other colonies, there was an obvious social class system as well as religious system. His vision of the Pennsylvania colonies was one of a democracy and religious freedom.

3. What was the name of New York City prior to English control? New York was previously named 'New Amsterdam' as it was under the control of the Dutch.

4. How did the English divide up New York? The English had divided up New York into New York and New Jersey.

5. Why did the English focus their early colonization efforts on the North and South Carolina's? They focused their early colonization effort on the North and South Carolina's due to the amount of land that was available and where the colonies were located.