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Well, would you look at that

Thanks US politicians! Which is probably not something people say a whole lot.
UNIQUELY KANSAS CITY - Summer Edition: Marching Cobras - KCPT

St Patrick's Day

Thursday is St Patrick's Day! I know most people find that really exciting because Westport and Guinness and what not. Unfortunately for me, I'm actually Irish American so all it means in my universe is that my Grampa is going to stew a bunch of really foul smelling cabbage, so hooray for my heritage!

But if you do go to the parade, send me a Snapchat of the Marching Cobras' routine. Those children and their energy have been *rumored* to make me cry tears of joy when I think my friends aren't looking.

Tuesday Primaries

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So, like, the entire US thinks that our primary isn't important because we really don't have that many delegates compared to the other states that vote that day (lookin' at you Florida).

I assure you though, we still have way more delegates than the North Mariana islands so you should definitely go do your civic duty tomorrow between the hours of 6am and 7pm. Also, where ARE the North Marianas and why do they caucus like a bunch of Kansans? Is the border rivalry still relevant? I don't know, have you driven in Johnson County? Just kidding! But am I? (No.)

If you're not sure where to vote, or aren't totally familiar with the process, here's a link to the Rock the Vote site for the greatest state in the Union. It's easy to use and has lots of information. Also, Rock the Vote seems to be working a lot better than Sean Comb's long forgotten Vote or Die campaign seeing as a lot of people who pledged their help to Puffy did neither of those.

Sorry in advance

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I know, I know, it's really unpleasant. Even those of us who have dealt with head lice (thanks public schools!) find them to be icky. Which IS a nursing term, by-the-way.

But I want you guys to know what they look like because there's one client (only one, promise) who is complaining of an itchy scalp and reports recent time in JaCo.

I checked this person's head and didn't find anything but dandruff. On the off chance that anyone else reports itching in the following days it's good to be informed so you don't fall victim to a parasitic infestation. So please wash your hands and don't touch your hair. Better safe than sorry.

Now my head is itchy because I'm incredibly suggestible :/


Apparently the way that we utilize nursing staff is going to be restructured which means I'll be out of the building a lot more than before. Between you and me, this isn't ideal but we're going to make it work, so hang in there with me.

I'll still be teaching groups and will spend the majority of the day here. A couple hours of each day I will have to go out to one of the four group homes depending on the day. This does present a cool opportunity as I'll be able to hang out with the AR folks in the houses for a couple hours a week. It will also make my day more regimented so hopefully I'll be super productive and increasingly proficient in my role. Or I'll drink way more coffee and rely on Yeezus-like grandiose delusions to keep me moving. Either way, we're putting in some work here.

It's unfortunate that I'll not be here as regularly for the clients. I am reachable by cell though. If you don't have my cell phone number feel free to ask. We can be friends. I'm a real blast once you get past my attitude and tendency to talk about myself.

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I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce makes the greatest nursing newsletters of all time.

Courtney Hickman BSN, RN