Lance Brown

FBI Facts

1.The FBI is one of the most famous law enforcement agencies in the world. 2.The FBI's HQ is located in Washington DC. 3.There are 56 FBI field officers located in major cities,such as New York,Los Angeles, and Atlanta. 4.In 1908,President Theodore Roosevelt was worried about the increase of crime across the united states. 5.The FBI protects the united states from terrorist attack. 6.The FBI aided in the investigations of these crimes. 7.The FBI protects the USA against foreign intelligence operations and espionage. 8.The FBI combat major white collar crime. 9.The FBI combat significant violent crime. 10.The FBI protects civil rights. 11.The FBI combat public corruption at all levels. 12.The FBI supports federal,state,local and international partners. 13.Same of the most valued FBI members are the trained dogs who help fight crime. 14.The FBI played an important role in raising the standards of local police units though its FBI academy. 15.The FBI's motto is being fidelity,bravery,and integrity. 16.The FBI was established in 1908. 17.The FBI is the rigorous obedience to the constitution of the united states. 18.The FBI is an intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities. 19.The FBI has upgraded technology to successfully perform the FBI's mission. 20.The FBI protects the U.S from terrorism,espionage,cyber attacks and major criminal threats.