5 Ways To Save Money

Brenna Colley

Only buy things you truly need.

You don't always need chickfila when there's plenty of food at home. But sometimes you do need the necessities like groceries, toiletries, and things of that nature.

Make a budget.

When saving money, you should budget your paychecks so you have money for things you need, while saving money at the same time.

Don't have a credit card- Get rid of it!

Having credit cards gives you debt, you are paying for things you don't have the money for. You should try to just pay for things when you have money for it.

The "30 day rule"

Take 30 days before deciding on a big purchase, or any non necessary purchase, if you still think its something you really want after 30 days then buy it, if not- don't!

Work more, play less.

The more time you spend working the more money you'll earn, thus ending up with more money, and also less time for you to go out with your friends, where you'd be spending money.