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Precalcalculus Project (Lara Castillo)

Total Of Miscellaneous ( $1176.00) (Click on photos for total for each category)


The total for a single person like me is $2647.98 is relatively accurate due to research that the average American household earns $63,784 before taxes, which amounts to bringing home $51,100.From that amount, they spend $9,004 on transportation, $6,602 on food (of which $2,625 is spent at restaurants and $3,977 is spent on food eaten at home), $5,528 on insurance and pensions, $1,604 on clothes, $2,482 on entertainment, $17,148 on housing, $3,631 on health care, $1,834 on cash contributions (donations and legally required spousal and child support), and $3,267 on other expenditures, with a spouse I will likely spend over, but I spend lower than that so the amount I spend is quite reasonable.
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At the end I have a total of $268.69 left in case of emergencies, but I am using $100 of this leftover to invest in a stock for a year. In a year according to my calculations if there is a rate of 7.34% for 5 years then I will have a total of $7,233.90 in investments and with that overall I have $168.69 left for myself.
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The minimum payment monthly is $450.02. This is a pretty reasonable amount due to it's high value. The work is shown in my paper. I divided the rate and the month and the year to the total value of the car which is $23,000.
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Wells Fargo, site provided me with a 4.1% fixed rate for a house for 30 years. I have to pay a total of $1021.96 monthly with the house that I picked which is $211,500. Four percent is a reasonable mortgage due to the 30 year span of paying the house back. In a $300,000 house $2,000 would be the basis of paying back the loan as quickly as possible. So, this mortgage rage is relatively fair.