International Conflict

Change of Nature and Canada's Thoughts


International conflicts have changed over the decades and has turned into stopping sources of education and taking people who can be easily influenced down. Not only this, conflicts are occurring to gain possession of products around the world for the money. It is all about money and power over the people in your country other than taking over what is not theirs. Civils wars and discrimination has become civil and there is not much outsiders can do because it can harm outsiders deeply and no one chooses to take the risks to prevent such things if they don't directly affect them.


Many conflicts happening around the world is done to stop the source of expansion and modern knowledge which leads to the attacks against children and their rights. They aren't always attacked literally but are negatively influenced through doing things to know more about the worlds change of modern mentality. There have been attacks on schools in Pakistan to prevent education, especially for girls. In Africa, children are taken out of their environment and children freedom and put on the line to die since they are easily scared and can be put to a task one wants, as to them children don't play much importance than that, which is a sad mentality. Malala Yousfzai is a Noble Peace Prize Winner who was attacked and has brought awareness to the world about this conflict and still stands against those who tried to stop her education.

“Where you are born should not dictate your potential as a human being.” ― Roméo Dallaire


Media is used a lot in this day and age as technology has advanced. In conjunction of the internet, many people are able to pose conflict and instigate to prove their point. For example, ISIS is keen on sending out violent videos to prove their point. Not only this, due to media and the technology available today, there is nothing in the world that can go unnoticed, something that happened in Australia would be all over the news in Canada in the matter of minutes.

Canada's Response

In 2015, Stephen Harper had released the C-51 Bill for anti-terrorism for threats which can potentially harm Canada especially now from ISIS. Canada is known to be close with the United States of America, and having this strong relationship can result in danger for Canada to show power to USA of what they can do. There have been many documentaries and awareness of conflict presented to the world from Canadian's such as Romeo Dallaire who has lived in the reality in Africa and seen what people there have been going through and shows the significance of what we have.