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Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, April 9: STAAR Writing (Gr 4) and STAAR Math (Gr 5)
  • Wednesday, April 10: STAAR Reading (Gr 5)
  • Friday, April 12: Fun with Words Day! Students can dress as their favorite word.
  • Friday, April 19: Student Holiday ~ No School
  • Monday, April 22: Bad Weather Make Up Day ~ No School
  • Friday, April 26: National Superhero Day (Kindergarten)
  • Saturday, April 27: PreK FunFest & Round Up at North Waco Elementary from 10 am to 1 pm
  • Friday, May 3: STAAR Wars Review Day (Students may wear STAAR Wars themed shirts or outfits but no toys or weapons)

COMING UP: STAAR (May 13-15); Field Day (May 24)

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Waco ISD will be hosting it's first ever PreKindergarten Fun Fest on Saturday, April 27 at North Waco Elementary from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. You will be able to register your students for PreK, get language testing done, and have a great morning learning more about PreK.

Monthly Reading Challenge

Look out for monthly reading challenge every month. Students can complete the monthly challenge to earn a FREE BOOK!

Math Chat

Many of our students are focusing on geometry in math this month. While shapes seem like an easy concept, there is SO MUCH VOCABULARY that students have to learn. Here are some videos from Numberock to help your students master their geometry vocabulary.
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Teaching Perseverance

Perseverance was Alta Vista's character trait for March. Perseverance is continued effort in the face of difficulty or delayed success. The movie Finding Nemo has lots of great examples of perseverance or grit! Consider watching the movie as a family and talking about the challenges the characters faced and how they didn't give up when things were hard.

DIY Stress Balls

You might not think of stress balls as a kid thing, but let me tell you, they are. These super cool squishy balls are perfect for fidgeters, children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and probably every child we know...especially with STAAR testing coming up! They stretch, they squeeze, they are so much fun. Make Stress Balls Kids Will Love with this easy DIY Idea. It only takes a few simple supplies and you’ll have your own DIY stress balls. Enjoy!

What’s Needed

  • Balloons
  • ½ cup Flour (per balloon, approx.)
  • Empty Water Bottle, dry
  • Funnel


1. Put funnel into the water bottle, and pour flour through it.

2. Stretch the balloon around the opening of the water bottle.

3. Turn water bottle upside down and gently squeeze the flour into the balloon. Make sure to use some pressure because the air helps the balloon open up so the flour can all go in.

4. After the flour is all in, pinch the balloon and release it from the bottle.

5. The balloon should have a snug fit to the flour inside it. Just make sure there isn’t any extra air the balloon.

6. Tie the balloon and wipe away any excess flour from the outside.

7. All ready to squeeze away stress and have fun!

P.S. If you find your child has poked a hole in one or a little bit of flour is seeping out through the hole, cover it with another balloon and you are good to go.

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Parent Survey Results

Thank you to all the parents that participated in our survey at Seas the Night in February. Here are some of the results:

"I feel comfortable at my child's school"

• 15.6% Agree

• 78.1% Strongly Agree

"How well does the school support you in helping your child with learning at home?"

• 40.6% Quite Well

• 59.4% Extremely Well

"I feel comfortable contacting my child's teacher."

• 29% Agree

• 67.7% Strongly Agree

We appreciate your time to complete this survey, and we will be using the results to develop our Parent Involvement plan for the 2019-2020 school year.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words!

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