September 13, 2019

CBM Testing Complete

We finished up all our CBM Testing this week. CBM Testing is done three time per year and is a helpful tool in identifying growth patterns and areas where support is needed. These results will be located in the Home Access Center soon.


In Science class, we are in the very beginning stages of figuring out the importance of unseen organisms in food webs. We worked this week on thinking about how we would supply an isolated biosphere with food. We are using a mix of MysteryScience.com and our Nat Geo textbooks to learn about the balance within food webs.


We read through a story called "Sees Behind Trees" this week while we continued our 1st Quarter anchor text: Becoming Naomi Leon. Soon, we will begin creating our first Writing piece of the year, which is called "Where I'm From." It is a fun project to get students thinking about their history, their uniqueness, and their identity.


We are wrapping up our review work with decimals and will move into our review work with fractions. It is imperative that students recognize the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents! That is why we will be spending the next couple weeks digging in deeper with these concepts. A Unit 1 TEST can be expected around the end of September, but as soon as we get a solid date, I will let you know.


Q1 Progress Reports will be sent home in the blue Friday Folders next week (September 20, 2019)!