Catherine the Great

Russian Empire

About Catherine the Great

Real name: Sophia Augusta Frederica

Reigned from 1762-1796

Reigned Russia

Birth/death date: 1729-1796

The works of Catherine the Great

Warm Water Port: Peter the third wanted a warm water port to help and increase trade with the west but couldn't. When Catherine reigned in Russia, she worked for the warm water port.

Family and Marriage

"The gifted and capable leader"

Reign of Russia

Catherine reigned in Russia during 1762-1796.


  • In 1764, Catherine found the, "Society for the Training of the Daughters Nobility" which is also known as, "Smolny Institute"
  • Introduced use of smallpox Vaccinations to Russia.
  • Had hundreds of factories built in her state, some factories employed over 1000 workers

Partitions of Poland

Catherine split Poland and took eastern Poland. After that Poland disappeared from the map.