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Week of April 27th - May 1st Online Education Newsletter


Don't Give Up!

We are SO proud of the work that you're doing with your children at home. I want you to know that our number one goal is that your family is safe and that you're able to use this time to grow even closer as a family. Please remember that we are here to support you. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to call your child's teacher or an administrator.

We know that all that is happening in the world is stressful right now. Please remember - "The best gift you can give your child is to read together every day!". If you can't do anything else, that's ok -- Just snuggle up and read. We will come out of this stronger than we left. Hang in there, Dragons! We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Plans for Picking up Personal Items from School....

Our plan is to have teachers enter the building the week of May 4th. They will collect all personal items from students and put them in a brown paper grocery bag with your child's name on it. We will let the bags sit for a couple days to ensure any possible contamination is eliminated. Then the fine arts teachers will place items from art or music in the bags. The bags will sit for another couple of days. By this time, we are hoping that the yearbooks will be in on campus. We will distribute the yearbooks into the brown bags as well. We are waiting for the yearbook order to be delivered to finalize the date of distribution.

By middle of May, we will have all personal items ready for you to pickup in the car line. We will be sending times for you to arrive at the school and drive through the car line in alphabetical order. Teachers will bring the bag to your car. They will load the bag in your trunk or rear of your vehicle. Our goal is to maintain social distancing to ensure everyone's safety. Please be looking for specific dates in the near future.

Parent Access Center....

If you have not signed up for a Parent Access Center account, please do so by going to the Conroe ISD website. Click on the parent/student tab and then click on Parent Access Center. This will walk you through how to sign up for an account. All report cards will be sent at the end of the school year through Parent Access Center, so we want to ensure you have an account established prior to the end of the year.

Please Welcome our Newest Dragons!

Please register any new children to our school ASAP! This will help us ensure we are able to hire the best teachers possible to our campus. Registrations is for NEW Dragons -- This includes new Kindergarten students or any new neighbors that you have.

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Resilience Spotlight Winners!

Watch our teachers reading their certificates! Click on the link of your grade level.

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Please click on your child's grade level below and it will take you to this week's lesson plans.

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Moving over the Summer?

If you are not returning to Deretchin/McCullough for the 2020-2021 school year please email Cory Ognisty (Registrar) at In the email include your child/s Student Id number(not their name) and where your child will be attending. This can be what country, state or name of the school. Current 6th graders not attending McCullough next year, please let me know, so I can withhold records sent to McCullough, otherwise this will delay records requests for your new school.

Video Conferencing Expectations

1. This is a classroom environment -- Please have kids sit up in an open space when on a call. Therefore, students should not be lying on their bed or in an enclosed space.

2. Conferences will be in small groups or whole class with the teacher. There will be no one on one conferences.

3. Dress code expectations are: Please dress appropriately for a classroom environment. Shirts with sleeves should be worn. No tank tops, No swimsuits, No tube tops, etc.

5. If there is inappropriate behavior from a child, the parent will be contacted.

6. All calls will be recorded.

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Pillar of the Month - RESILIENCE

Habit of the Week

When you're upset, Flip Your Switch!

Changing Your MIndset: Negative to Positive!

Negative to Positive

This is a great introductory exercise that gets young kids familiar with the language of the growth mindset. It also helps them with understanding how to make the mental shift by altering their internal voice.

Write down a list of negative or limiting statements we can sometimes make about ourselves (e.g. "I'm not good enough" or "I'm too ______"). Next, show them how to place a positive spin on the phrase by merely altering the language we use.

In doing so, kids will start to make simple connections to how to change how we speak to improve how we feel about ourselves. Encourage them to give it a try with the rest of the sentences you've written for them.

Here are some simple examples of negative statements to begin with that they can quickly turn around with just a few changes:

· "I don't believe in myself."

· "I'm not smart enough to do that."

· "I'm not good enough to _____."

· "I don't have good ideas."

· "I'm not very strong."

· "I'm not an exceptional person."

Resilience Happens One Step at a Time!

Resilience doesn't happen suddenly. We have to take one step at a time and do the next right thing. This builds our ability to bounce back and change our negative thoughts to positive - it's the only thing we CAN control!

Check out the video below.

  • Can you find the first time the character has to use resilience? What emotions do you see? Anger, Fear, Worry, Hopelessness?
  • When did you see the character hit "rock bottom"?
  • Watch for the moment she realizes she has control?

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Please visit the link below for additional book resources.

Congratulations to Our Spotlight on Resilience Winners!