Kudos, News, and Monthly Recap

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BIG News!

From Jessica and last night's Webcast - HI! are you excited about summer? How do you like the NEW "earn your sample discount" with Stella & Dot? For you and those you sponsor, it' easy to share just how awesome it is to get $2,000 in free product per year, at effectively no cost and keep even more profits in your pocket... WOW! Don't you think that is going to be fun to share with prospective stylists!? As long as you sell $2,000+ within a 3 month season ( that's April 1- June 30th to earn for the Fall line--- so easy- just a couple of shows) , for the next collection, you'll be able to get your $500 in retail value of samples of the next season's collection for just $99 ( in one order) and any more at 50% off! That $99 can easily be covered by selling off a couple retired samples.

Of course if you earn your $100 quarterly consistency bonus by selling over $500 retail in each of the 3 months... that will be $600 for $99, yes- we're talking $2,400 a year for $396-- all easily covered by sample sell offs- and really- SO doable!

Of course you want to do more to earn more! What if you are really rocking your sales with 1-2 shows most weeks? You'll likely be a stellar seller with $5000 in monthly sales and earn an extra $100 each month- giving you $900 for $99 each quarter, totaling $3,600 per year for $396 ( of course - you'll sell off way more than that at your VIP samples sales) .

You add in that fab hoopla swag and other prizes and your are $4k+ free in product per year! What do you think?

Our Top 10 in Retail Sales and those who Qualified for the Month!

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1 Rene Kauder 4340.94

2 Joelly Belman 3558.98

3 Sheila Markowitz 3318.00

4 Dyani Stengel 3132.47

5 Leslie Borkenhagen 2712.79

6 Angela Hackley 2357.75

7 Nancy Rosario Fernando 2060.41

8 Lori Redman 1457.00

9 Pamela Wimmer 1283.00

10 Megan Kelly 1283.00

11 Nicole Kerber 1230.01

12 Jennifer Judge 1229.31

13 Laila KOEBKE 1113.00

14 Kisha Brown-Richards 744.58

Q1 Consistency Bonus Earners

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$100 in Product Credits Coming Your Way!

Joelly Belman
Kisha Brown-Richards
Nancy Fernando
Rene Kauder
Leslie Wyllie Borkenhagen

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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Join us at Hoopla this Year!

Your Moxie Teammates want YOU to be at Hoopla this year! Watch our fun little Flipagram for last year's fun and this year's inspiration! If you didn't see the news on our Facebook page, both Jessica Herrin and Danielle Redner re-posted this on their personal Facebook pages!
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Who is Ready to Increase Their Joy While They build Their Business?

The must-attend event of the year!
It’s time to gather with the most bold and joyful tribe on earth!

Learn to LIVE HAPPY!
Increase your joy while you build success!

Join our Team Moxie Facebook Group to find travel buddies, roommates, and keep up to date on all the team fun at Hoopla! Join here:

Summer Splash

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Summer Splash

Philadelphia Brighten Your Life Tour

Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

Luxurious, affordable boutique-style accessories and home-based entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Stella & Dot is a company inspired by and created for strong women - just like you.

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