St Mary's School, out of lockdown!

Wednesday 8th September 2021

"As it is, these remain: faith, hope and love, the three of them; and the greatest of them is love." Corinthians, 13 – 13

Dear whānau, tamariki and parishioners,

Thank you all so very much for your continued kindness, support and partnership with the school. We are all so, so pleased to be coming back, excited and of course feeling confident that the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education are making the right calls for our tamariki. This special edition newsletter aims to answer some of your questions about how St Mary's will operate in Level 2.

Our virtues are standing strong for us right now, especially 'We belong to God, all in us is His', over these coming weeks we will continue to be kind to each other and show love in how we work together to keep each other safe.

We are also 'putting our whole confidence in God', we don't know what is going to happen next but we do know that God is in control. We can't see the whole picture but as people of faith we are confident that those who make decisions are working to keep us safe.

Finally, we are blessed to live with hope - we are good today, thank God, and we will be better tomorrow. All time passes and things constantly change, but hope is eternal.

God bless, kia kaha, Annie

Level 2 guidelines for schools.

Just like last time under Level 2 we do not want extra adults on site. If for some reason you need to come into school please come directly to the school office, scan in using your QR code and/or sign in.

Masks are encouraged but are not mandatory for adults. However, during pick up and drop off time it is likely that staff will wear masks.

If, for any reason, your child is going to be absent, would you please use the school app, email or phone to inform the school office. I am aware that you have good relationships with the teachers and sometimes inform them directly, but during Level 2 our systems have to be adapted to reduce movement around the school, therefore we are asking that you use one point of contact which is Di in the office.

Anyone with cold and/or flu symptoms is asked to stay home, this includes school staff.

Buses are running as usual, and the advice has been that children do not need masks on the bus.

In the classrooms

  • Children do not need to wear masks.
  • Children will be reminded to hand wash thoroughly and every classroom has its own handsantiser for the children to use.
  • Physical distancing is very hard to maintain in a primary classroom but we will adapt playtimes so that all the space is used, and separate play areas will be in operation so the children aren't 'on top of each other'.
  • This time around we can do heat ups at lunchtime, but not noodles I'm afraid. There won't be pizza or St Peter's lunches until next term.

Pick up and drop offs

We are avoiding gatherings of any sort, please maintain physical distancing at the school gate, and help by following these directions:

Drop offs at the front gate for bus children as usual. Front gate also for Rooms Bellbird, Kereru, Tui, Kea and Ruru. Please stay in your car if you can, rather than parking - so use the drop off spot and I will be there to meet them.

Drop offs at the back gate for Rooms Piwakawaka, Moa, Kiwi andTakahe. Again, please stay in your car if you can. If you have children in different classes it is up to you which gate you use, but you don't need to drop your children at both gates :)

Pick ups are more difficult if parents wait at the fence, so here is the plan!

2.45 Rooms Bellbird and Kereru will be at the front gate; Rooms Piwakawaka and Moa at the back gate and Room Ruru will be by the garage near the staff car park.

2.50 Rooms Tui and Kea will leave by the front gate and Rooms Kiwi and Takahe will leave by the back gate.

If you are late your child will be at the front gate.

Teachers will stay with their classes to make sure children don't run off and play but will be guided to your car.

We can only try and see what happens eh? Please be aware of all this movement when you are driving through the car park and Lennox Street.

Updated term 3 dates

All class Masses are on hold until Term 4.

Holy Communion Mass - now 31st October

Wk 8 13-17 Sept (Kereru)

Social Justice Week AND Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori


Wk 9 20-24 Sept (Bellbird)

SENIOR School production, 22nd and 23rd - POSTPONED UNTIL 3rd and 4th NOVEMBER

Wk 10 27-1 Oct

Catholic Schools Day 28th - CANCELLED

Eastern Interschools Year 6 sports tournament CANCELLED

Friday Term ends at the usual time 2.50pm