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Mauri Mahi, Mauri Ora

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May 30, 2022

Wearable Arts 2022 Competition!

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Wearable Arts Professional Photo Shoot!

So much hard Creativity, Collaboration and Communication (our School Values) during the making of the costumes and narrative behind the meaning of the art.

These tamariki gave up lunch times and used Opt In days to work on these creations.

We are so proud of them.

It's a shame that Covid has made it impossible to be a part of the show production, but a professional photo shoot felt pretty special!

A huge thank you to Mrs Day (teacher) and Emmeline Johanson (parent) for you dedication to these children and your ongoing support over a long time to make this happen. I know you were so proud of them representing Poroutawhao on the day!

Is your child representing Poroutawhao School?

- if your child is representing Poroutawhao School in any event, we would love to have a picture to share in our newsletter, we put them on our Wall of Achievement in the office and on our Facebook page as well (unless you tell us otherwise). We want our kids to be as proud of themselves as we are!

Do You Need to Isolate?

Thank you for your consideration in keeping your teacher's and all of our tamariki safe by keeping your child home if they have any cold or flu symptoms.

Advice from the Ministry of Health is that if you have symptoms you need to get a test. We have tests if you need some. Positive tests need to be registered on the My Covid Record app. Otherwise, just ring the Health Line.

Thank you also for staying out of the classrooms unless you have mask on and need to come in. It really does make a difference. We are also seeing our children are more resilient and self managing by coming in the gate by themselves. Such great skills to have as they grow and thrive.

See below a helpful image on if and when you are still required to isolate. Erring on the side of caution is always best.

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Our Values Assembly Week 2 was Communication (Sharing our ideas)

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Communication; we share our ideas with others

On Monday afternoon we have a Values Assembly. Classes have a turn at running the assembly where we discuss, role play and watch videos that teach what each bullet point on our Values Matrix looks like in practice.

We have a draw from the Values Post Box of tickets tamariki have earnt that week. They earn tickets in the draw by repeatedly demonstrating our school values.

The Values Certificate above shows you the 10 ticks that need to 'clicked' to earn a ticket in the draw. When a child demonstrates that Value they earn a 'click'. Repeated practicing of the school value earns them a ticket in the Values Assembly Draw.

The kids then take the Values Certificate home to show you how fabulous they are at demonstrating that school Value. It is not easy to get those 10 'clicks' so heaping the praise on at home would be well earned.

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Principal Chat

Kia ora e hoa mā

Last week we welcomed two fabulous new teachers at school with a Whakatau, led by Neil Hirini. It was special to welcome them in a way that heralded their mana and significant impact our teachers have on the school, community and most importantly our tamariki.

Neil Hirini is the school kaitohutohu (advisor). I keep him informed of all things Ao Maori happening or about to happen at Poroutawhao and he decides what iwi and hapū would be interested in and keeps the marae informed. He is also very generous with his time in answering questions I have around tikanga.

Bronwyn Heihei, who is on the Board of Trustees is tasked with ensuring that iwi and hapū are aware of what School Policies are up for review and therefore have a voice in school Policy.

Down below is the link to our website where you are able to view and make comment to be considered in policy development. Every whanau is welcome to participate and offer their views for consideration by the Board of Trustees on school policies.

We would again like to thank Justin Tamihana and his beautiful whanau for organising and doing the hard mahi of sweeping new gravel (from Graham Bagerie) into the potholes that develop on the exit of our driveway. Unfortunately, every time it rains the gravel sinks further into the mud and potholes develop again. There is just no way to keep up with it without it being done every time it rains.

It isn't ideal, and we are following up with Waka Kotahi (NZTA) to seal that part of the driveway when they upgrade our entry. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for that set. We are reticent to pay for this ourselves if we can have them do it for free.

We are very lucky to have Pa Jack (Tohunga) with us every Friday now to teach our akongā (learners) waiata. Jack is very generous with his time and resources at Poroutawhao, so we make sure morning tea is waiting!

Our kids are active kids with great imaginations! We'd love any offers of things like planks of wood, large plastic barrels, cones, large empty wire spools, pallets etc, for 'Loose Parts'. Kids work together to build creations that feed their imaginative play. Give us a ring and ask to speak to Tim our caretaker who will coordinate with you.

A reminder that we ALWAYS welcome any offer of skills, knowledge or passion that you might to share with us. I spoke at the Waitarere Ratepayers & Progressives AGM on Sunday and a lovely gentleman offered to come and talk about how cellphones work and bring props etc to help kids understand. We've had a lady offer to teach weaving and another offer to help with the garden. Please get in touch. We really enjoy our community connections.

If you have experience applying for grants I would love to have chat. We would love to upgrade our chromebooks and maybe provide the community with a Pump Bike track.

I have looked high and low for a Kapa Haka coach. If you know anyone that may be interested please send them our way!

Have a fabulous day whanau

Take care.

Nga mihi

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We're Learning the Dances to Bring it!!

There are 70 school entering into the New Zealand Dance Challenge at School this year. We plan on putting our best foot forward, doing the mahi and having lots fun to learn the dance and make Poroutawhao proud.

We LOVE trying new things and have some very talented dancers. We are encouraging our dance kids to 'shine' while offering the chance for others to give it a go!

All tamariki who are Interested have begun practicing during lunchtimes. Thanks Mrs Day for giving up your lunchtimes to help. We really appreciate it!

All students are welcome to learn the song/dance at home if they wish. Here is a link so that Challenge students can practice and anyone else interested can get practicing at home…


Have fun!

PSG - Poroutawhao Support Group

PSG have some exciting things planned; Disco, BBQ Working Bee, Quiz Night, new play equipment and Ag Day! To name a few!

Meetings are fun, inclusive and a great way to meet great people.

If you haven't already, please make sure you are following the PSG on Dojo, so you don't miss the invites to meetings. We love welcoming the familiar helpers, as well as the new ones.

The new hoodies are so warm and great quality! Thanks Lisa Sanson for organising those for us! We appreciate you! New round of hoodies have been ordered. We will let you know when they arrive and you can purchase through the office via our bank account;

Poroutawhao School

Those that are waiting for new sizes, they are ordered and we will get them to you asap.

If you would like to reach out to the PSG you can message directly on Dojo.

See you at the next hui!

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Press the Website button at the end of the newsletter for the link to our Policies up for review in Term 2

What's On in Term 2?

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Happy Resilient Kids that LOVE School is the Goal!

We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school. This means we use learning about the consequences of our choices both for ourselves and others.

We explicitly teach social skills, emotion regulation strategies and always teach that if a mistake is made that restoration of the relationship with the wronged party, once emotions have settled, is necessary to move on.

The learning involves natural consequences for our actions. The idea that we have and make our own choices and therefore choose our own consequences (good and bad).

Having said that, we also have 3 non negotiables at Poroutawhao. All the children know them and understand their importance to the respectful, safe environment that we all deserve.

1. No swearing

2. No disrespecting of any staff member

3. No deliberate hurting of any description (physical, words or actions)

If a child chooses to demonstrate any of these 3 behaviours they will spend time with Mrs Harland discussing how their behaviour negatively impacted on someone else's right to enjoy school/work. The impact on their friendships etc. What would appropriate alternatives look like and how can they repair the damaged relationship with the other person.

They are removed from the playground until they have participated in that discussion and can be trusted to be with the other people in the school in a respectful and positive way.

We now rarely have anyone in Lunch Club with Mrs Harland. Well done on great, respectful choices Poroutawhao learners.

For the full policy and procedure see the school website for the link to our Schooldocs.

Friends of Poroutawhao

We deeply appreciate the support from local business.

These businesses have offered support through Covid last year and into this year.

Thank you to all of them..

We encourage you to support them in return!