Compromise of 1850

To make your life better

What does this do for you?

In this compromise it declares which state will be able to own slaves which will not be able to and of course what things will be promised to be legal. The slavery at this time was a major problem for example there would be maybe 100 white people owning slaves now you have around 3,000 or more slaves in that particular area. Not only that but this defined where certain people were allowed to live such as Native Americans. It also defined where certain states would have there border as well as where the New Mexico territory would lie. As you can see clearly in this photo there is an area in the middle of the U.S for New Mexico. There are different states that can vote for slaves or just aren't allowed to in general but this was clearly going to cause problems because of the peoples wants.

A Growing Issue

If we focus solely on the slavery there were way to many slaves in one are of course this shoved them in the south but it solves the matter a little bit. What a big part of this was that the white people whom were rich could afford slaves would buy around 100 put them to work and make profit off of what they were doing. One of the main things people thought slaves were useful was that they were making a enormous cotton production and the demand was high. Therefore being that more slaves were used for this just to make more production.