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Monday Memo #13

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We Are HBMS!

Dear T.E.A.M. :

Hard to believe this week we'll be turning the page on January and diving into February. If you (like I) wonder, "Where does the time go, I'd encourage you to check out this month's installment of "We Are HBMS!" which showcases just some of the highlights from this month.

We Are HBMS: January: https://storify.com/DJrSchug/2017-18-we-are-hbms-january .

If you think to yourself, "Hmmm...I should really start sharing what's happening in our classroom, our club, or our after-school activity, February is the perfect time to start! Take a photo of the learning, the meaningful engagement, and the fun, and tweet it to #EngageHB and #WeAreHB .

If you're not sure where to start, or need assistance or a quick tutorial on why or how to do this, see me or a colleague, and in five minutes or less, you'll be on your way to contributing to why "We are HB" at Hampton Bays Middle School.


As always, scroll up to see our January and our February Advisory Menus and scroll down to read a few articles that may stretch your thinking. Finally, as always, visit our school Twitter feed and contribute, to be an active part of the helping to tell parents and community the story of what happens within our school and classroom walls.

Let's make it a great week for our each of our students at HBMS!

~ Dennis

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How will YOU show that #WeAreHB ?

Share your favorite Back to School moments by tweeting to #WeAreHB !

Here are this week's @HamptonBays_MS tweets: https://twitter.com/HamptonBays_MS
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One-a-Day: 7 Questions (and Articles) for 7 Days

Read something great recently? Share it and I'll send it out!
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