Oxygen For Sale?!

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Oxygen is Available Right Around You, Right Now!

This very old and ancient element is being brought to you right now all around! The best part is... It's completely free! That's right, oxygen is completely free right now and forever as long a living plants exist within our society!

What Do You Need to Know About Your Oxygen?

Oxygen. This element being number 8 within the Periodic Table of Elements, contains 8 protons, neutrons and electrons! Oxygen requires no effort on your part assuming you know how to breath and have a reasonable number of living plants around the area you mainly reside at. Being one of the most dense element on Earth, we shouldn't run out unless all living plants are destroyed but in case we do, be prepared to pay and arm and a leg for your next purchase of oxygen to stay alive! and always remember... Oxygen is only needed for life but is free of purchase from the day your born, to the moment you die.

On Sale For a Long Time For Only... $0.00!