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Should Schools Start Later In The Morning?

Why schools should start later in the day.


Many students are failing classes because of tiredness.

In many states school starts at 8 am. kids and teens need about 9 hours of sleep in order to be fully awake and for the brain to function. studies show that everyone learns better and faster when your fully awake.

mostly every school that starts later in the day has better test scores than the ones that start earlier.

5 reasons why school should start later in the day.


studies show that most middle and high school students only get 7 hours of sleep. teens need 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep in order so the brain can work property.

2. studies show that students who stay at school late are less likely to skip after school things and other socially things because they don't have the energy.

3. resurches did a study on more than 9,000 students at eight school in Minnesota , Colorado, and in Wyoming found that starting school later in the day resulted in attendance , test scores ,and even a dromitic drop in teen car crashes.


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counter argument.

schools say they start early in the day because they want their students to have time to do other things after school .
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