Sea Lamprey

Petromyzon marinus

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30-70 centimeters long

no scales

leathery skin

grey - dark brown

sharp teeth around rasp-like tongue


up to 18 centimeters



black to pale grey

if four cm long or longer their are two separate dorsal fins

Known Accomplices

Man made locks, and canals let it into the great lakes.

Last Seen

The Sea Lamprey is native to the Atlantic ocean, mostly from the Atlantic coast of north america. In Ontario the sea lamprey is in the great lakes.

First Offence

In the early 20th Century sea lampreys swam their way to the great lakes.


$6000 Reward

More fish in the great lakes

Less Blood suckers

More aboriginal fishing

More industrial fishing

Crimes Commited

sucking blood from fish while attached

killing 18 kilograms of fish per single sea lamprey

severely limiting industrial and aboriginal fishing

Attempts at Capture

chemicals to kill larvae

barricades to stop adults and transformers

traps to kill adults

pheromones and alarm cues


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Sea Lamprey

To Report

Contact the Sea Lamprey Control Centre of Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Sault Ste. Marie at 1-800-553-9091, or report them online at