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Kuwait is a fairly small country with a rich culture, an exotic (in its dryness) climate, and a tumultuous history.


Much of the modern art in Kuwait is abstract, colorful, and portrays a person. A lot of culture can be assumed just from the style of their art. This image shows multiple aspects of Kuwaiti art.


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Miscellaneous Culture Facts

The official language of Kuwait is Modern Standard Arabic.

Many types of Kuwait music are sailing songs, such as the al-Nahma class of songs.

The image to the left is traditional clothing worn in Kuwait.

Kuwait History

More History

Also in 2006, the current Emir died, was succeded, and then that Emir was removed due to health concerns. The following Emir appointed his brother and nephew into positions of power.

Even More History

Three years later, three women made it onto seats in Parliament. These three women were the first women to be accepted into Parliament, four years after they got the right.



Kuwait is a member of the CooperationCouncil for the Arab states of the Gulf, along with Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The U.S.and Kuwait are very friendly towads each other, with he U.S. providing things like military support and Kuwait aiding the U.S. with counterterrorism.

Misellaneous Facts

Kuwait is a constitutional emirate.

The head of the government is an Emir.

Kuwait uses the Kuwaiti dinar.

On the whole, Kuwait's economy is average. The economy is heavily supported by oil.