Nicholas Chesnut

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement

Ever since I was little I wanted to help people, I feel like it satisfies me, gaining trust with a person. A couple of months ago my Grandpa went to church to help the homeless, and I asked him if i could go . So I went and helped take out the foods from the boxes and I helped feed the homeless. I left the church with sympathy to others filled in my heart. I feel like i dont want to be stuck with a desk job, and rather experience the world.

My father told me there is one key into this world, he sayed education is key I keep that in my mind to today. So I insist on healping you in your spare time if you are to busy to do so, or another time. I have participated in community service before. I am weird, adventerous, pleasent, and progressive. Also i have flown across the continent to another continent, europe to see relatives, by myself. Also i have gotten my friend a present from mexico to give to him. Lastly I am obediant, and responsive to my commands. If you dont have time to run an arron, I would be the guy to do so.

life quote

"Life is like a vehicle, it can get damaged, scratched, and worn down but it can always be repaired."

- nick chesnut


Nicholas A. Chesnut 9616 Goneway Dr. 804-339-8091

Byrd Middle 2012- present

Office and Guidance Student Aide

Jackson Davis Elementary. 2008-2011

ecology club

Challenger Elementary 2003- 2008 Houston TX,

skills: word, itunes, one note, power point, 100 words per minute

i aspire to become an actor or professor like my father

Contact information

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact bruce timok. EFE teacher, Byrd Middle School 804-750-2730


1/10/14- I reviewed the expectations of mr. timok (what he wants us to do)

1/15/14- I wrote down life quotes for my smore

1/31/14- I wrote down definitions from book

2/19/14- I worked on a typing test to test our typing skills

2/26/14- I started working for ms. ray doing a power point,

2/28/14- I cut out the papers from the ppt. and laminated them, I also learned how to use the laminator for the first time.

3/5/14- I sharpened pencils for ms. Ray and copied papers

3/7/14- I helped ms. Turlington by cutting out papers,

3/12/14- helped ms ray by laminating and cutting out

3/14/14- put posters on the hallways for ms. Turlington

3/19/14- helped ms. Napoli by cleaning her desks

3/21/14- reorganized the books on the book shelf for ms. Turlington

3/31/14- cleaned ms. charlingtons desk, than helped other teachers

4/5/14- today i helpmed ms ray laminate and than cut out the sheets.

4/7/14- did textbook definitions, than did other classwork for teachers

4/12/14- today i helped ms turlington by reorganizing her book shelf and than cleaning it

4/21/14- cut out papers for ms. ray that were laminated. (learned new words)

4/28/14- hepled ms hampton by cleaning out the shed outside.

5/21/14- today i helped ms ray by highlighting names on a roster

5/23/14- today i took down posters for ms. Turlington and reorganized the books

5/26/14- today i highlited more names for ms. ray and sharpened pencils

5/28/14- helped ms . Turlington by taking down posters and cleaning desks