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September 6, 2015

In Case You Missed It:

Rob Dietrich, Director of Technology, came out last week and fixed the issues of those teachers which were not able to access IAM to get into PowerSchool. We still have some which are having trouble getting into PowerTeacher to set up their grade books, and he is currently trying to find a solution. A couple of tricks to try before reporting an issue are:
  • Close all windows in your browser
  • Clear your history in your browser
  • Restart your computer

If none of these work, please email Robin Neville and cc me.

We have not been given the directions to link our students to IAM and PowerSchool for this year. If students or parents ask about how to get into Parent Portal, please let them know we are implementing a new system in stages. The student/parent stage will be next.

If you are able to get into set your grade book up, please make sure you align with the other teachers on your grade level and subject area. If you do grade homework, it may not count for more than 10% of a student's final grade. We do NOT grade behaviors at SanLee. Please do not give grades for participation or extra credit for busy work or turning something in.

Student grades must represent how well a student is learning in your room. We do not give zeros for incomplete or not turned in work. DO NOT put "grade holders" (like a 10 or 50) in the place of work not turned in or completed. Students MUST earn whatever grade is put into the grade book. If the student has not turned in an assignment, leave it blank. Parents MUST be contacted if their child is missing more than 2 assignments in your class.

Please be mindful that students need feedback on how they are doing in your class. Grading should be done in a timely manner and put into the grade book weekly. Administrators and counselors check student grades frequently. We cannot support you or their learning, if this form of communication is not completed.

SanLee does believe that students should be able to redo and make up work with no penalty. Our Leadership Team discussed the need to get some teacher consistency and student accountability for this practice. This will be on the agenda for our next meeting. Let your representative know your thoughts on how to perfect this practice.

Team discipline plans and emergency sub plans were due last Wednesday. We appreciate the time and effort which went into developing both. Our Stallions thrive when they know what to expect throughout their day. It is important for you to follow through with steps as it is written unless it is an emergency. Emergency plans should be used only in emergencies.

You all have seen administrators in your classrooms. Please expect a follow up email with formative feedback soon after our visits. Many times we may have a question or two in the email. This may be to help us to understand your thinking behind what you are doing, make a connection for us since we are only seeing a part of a lesson, or to get you to reflect on why you are doing what you are doing. We do expect a return email.

All teachers should leave lesson plans on the desk, easily accessible for us when we are in your room. You must include the following components in your plan:

  1. Standard your are working on
  2. Goal/I can statement for the lesson (What should the student be able to do a the end of the period?)
  3. WICOR - what strategies are you incorporating and what are your students producing
  4. Differentiation - what are you doing differently for your different learners

Can someone pick up your plans and know what your are doing if you are not there? If not, then your plans are not complete enough. A lesson plan is more than a bulleted list of activities (daily agenda). We are going to be an AVID Showcase school this year. There is a high expectation for purposeful planning for us to obtain AVID Demo School status. I will be sharing with you very soon the one-page template which must be used and posted outside your doors when visitors come.

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Mark your calendars:

Monday: No School - Labor Day

Tuesday: Science Department Meeting at 3pm in Bev Marshburn's room

Wednesday: Middle School Curriculum & Instruction Meeting 3:30pm @ SLMS Media Center, PTSO/Meet the Coaches/Club Night 5-6pm

Friday: Back to School Dance sponsored by Sweet 16 6-8pm

Dance Tickets on sale all week during lunch for $5

Costa's Level of Inquiry: THINK RIGOR!

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