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TenMarks Personal Assignments-Due September 8

Complete 10 personal assignments.

Buzz Math-All assignments due September 8

~Understanding GCF and LCM

~Finding GCF

~Finding LCM

~GCF and LCM: Applications

~Solving GCF and LCM

TenMarks-Due September 8

~Identifying the GCF

~Identifying the LCM

GCF and LCM Mysteries

Working with your table group, determine the mystery number. Only one answer document is necessary, but everyone in the group should show the work for each problem. All work should be turned in with the answer document.

GCF and LCM Sum 'Em Partner Choice Activity

1) Work on the 4 cards with the same symbol.

2) Add up the answers.

3) Submit answers to Google Form to see you are correct.

4) If submission does not work, redo the 4 problems to find the mistake!

5) Resubmit answer.

6) Complete all 8 sets.

Rewrite using the Distributive Property

Complete this task independently. Put your answer document in the basket when you are finished. Your grade will be part of your weekly graded assignments.

GCF and LCM Problems

Complete the problems and turn in to the basket. This will be graded and entered into BBL.

GCF and LCM puzzle

Get a blue puzzle from the basket. Match the sides correctly and get a piece of candy.