Awesome! It's Singapore!

By Jun and Adrian


Singapore got its name hundreds of years ago when a prince saw a strange-looking animal on the island.He thought the animal was lion and named the place 'Singa-pura' which means 'lion city'


Singapores History

British controlled Singapore until World War ll when Japan take over Singapore. British people get Singapore back in the end of World War II And they become a country at 1965

Singapore's Climate

Singapore is a tropical country and it's temperature is a little bit wet and its air is quite wet. Singapore's normal temperature is 80 fahrenheit which is 27 celcius.

Singapore's south western moonsoon is from June to September and the Northeast moonsoon is from December to March. Between the monsoon usually in the both side thunder storm came.

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Singapore's Population

Singapore's population is about 5.473.000 and 50% of the population is malay people, 35% of the population is chinese people, 15% is Indian.

Singapore's Capital City

Singapore's capital city is Singapore

Singapore's System of Government

In Singapore, the Prime Minister runs the government and there's a president who people vote.

Singapore's Landforms

Singapore has 1 main island and 60 smaller island. The land in the west is hilly and the land in the east is quite flat.

Singapore's Agriculture and Crops

In Singapore, local farmer use chemical solution without soil. They use it to boost production. Farmers produce egg, fruit and vegetables
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Singapore's Natural Resources

Years ago, Singapore is full of rainforest, trees and plant grow easily in warm weather.

Now, most of Singapore's rainforest now is in reserves. When the rainforest gone, big animals die.

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Singapore's Culture

Singapore's most popular games is mahjong, golf, cricket and they enjoy flying kites too.

Most of Singapore's holiday is religious. Many people in Singapore celebrate mooncake festival and the new year festival. Many people in Singapore celebrate the festival by singing, dancing, food and fireworks


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