Cold War Culture


Cold War Era Technology

What: Urban Renewal was a plan to build low income housing for those below the poverty line, instead they built big impressive stadiums with the newest technology.

Time Period: 1949

Location: Rundown neighborhoods in the inner cities

Cause: The people below the poverty line could not afford normal housing

Result: More people fell below the poverty line

Significance: The standard of living fell

To Whom: The whole United States

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What: More families had washing machines, dishwashers and power lawn mowers that mad chores much easier

Time Period: 1950's

Location: Across the United States

Cause: Advances in technology

Result: People had more free time

Significance: Leisure activities skyrocketed, baseball games, television, boating, golf and other activities.

To Whom: The middle and upper classes of the united states, and entertainment leaders

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