Edgar Allan Poe

By: Marissa Ohl

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Early Life

  • Edgar Allan Poe was a foster child and was taken in by the Allan family.
  • Also known as "Father of the Detective Story"
  • Born in 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • When he was two his mother passed away and his father had abandoned the family already

Later on

  • Enrolled at the University of Virginia
  • In 1830 after leaving college, he enrolled at West Point, then turned to writing full time
  • He then later settled in Richmond, Virginia.
  • He secretly married his thirteen year old cousin then in 1836 publicly married her
  • He was a very harsh critic
  • Wrote creepy stories involving drugs
  • Invented detective fiction
  • Murders in the Rue Morgue, first ever detective story
  • The Raven was his breakthrough, known by everyone
  • October 7th 1849 died at 40 , Virginia to NY died in Baltimore Hospital
  • Cause of death is Unknown

Major Works

Some of his most commonly known works are

  • Arabesque
  • The Raven
  • The Tell Tale Heart

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