Silver Bells

^*Basic Information for Silver*^

Symbol: Ag

Atomic Number: 47

Atomic Weight: 107.87

Group: 11

Period: 5

Color: White

Classification: Metal

^*History of Silver*^

Silver was known since the ancient times. Its name originated from the word "siolfur", meaning "silver". The symbol for silver, Ag, came from the Latin word "argentum", which also means "silver". Silver also has an alchemical symbol.

^*Uses of Silver*^

Sterling silver can be used in jewelry and also silverware. Silver can also be used in photography, dental alloys, coinage metal and electrical contacts. Silver is also used in mirror production and certain batteries.

^*Description of Silver*^

Silver is a white, lusterous solid. It is also a metal and is harder than gold. Silver's melting point is 961.78 oC and its boiling point is 2162 oC.
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Silver has no biological role .


Silver is mostly found in its purest form. Some silver deposits are located in Canada, Chile, Germany, Mexico, USA, Sardinia, and Norway

^*Properties of Silver*^

Some properties of silver include ductility and malleability. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals and the lowest contact resistance. Silver is stable in pure water and pure air, but tarnishes in hydrogen sulfide.


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