Organize Data


Using spreadsheets is for typing in numbers and names to show different data. Examples of what you can do with spreadsheets is that you can merge cells, change the kind of numbers it uses, change the the color of the cell or the color of the numbers and letters.

Merging cells

A cell is one single square on your spreadsheet. To merge cells you have to click on a cell and highlight the range that you want to merge. Then at the top you have different choices of things to select and you choose the merge button. Now it makes your data much more organized.

Number Appearance

To change what the numbers on your spreadsheet look like go to format at the top and under it it says "numbers", click on that and you will have choices to change to currency have decimals, percents, date, time, and more.


If you want color to show in the cell, go to the top and there is an option to change it's color located on the right. Now, if you want to change the text color you do the same but you choose the one on the left.

Totals, Averages, Maximum, Minimum

To find the total sum of a range first, click on a cell and in the cell enter in =sum( then select a range then press the return button. Now to find the average you do the exact same thing but enter in to the cell =average( instead. For maximum the formula is =max( and for minimum the formula is =min(.

Things to Know

Always remember that collums are labeled by letters and rows are always labeled by numbers. The cell selected at the moment is called the active cell. The location of the cell is called the cell reference.


To add a chart to your spreadsheet go to the top and click insert chart. Then select your range and make all adjustments that you want. To move a chart go to the top right corner and click the drop down arrow and choose move to a different sheet.