Ship Breaer

By Brady Taylor

The book "Ship Breaker: by Paolo Bacigalupi is a great book. ship Breaker's setting is set in the future where human civilization is in decline due to ecological reasons. Nailer and the light crew ,who live on a ship ,try to survive by scavenging ships,but with his achohalic father life is hard. The light crew takes care of Nailer and keeps away from his dad. They are Nailers second family.
In the Story Nailer is the protagonist. He is fifteen years old and struggles with his alchohalic father. Nailers fathers name is Richard he abuses nailer and is also the leader of the Heavy Crew. Nita is a girl who survived a ship wreck. She was the daughter of a global shipping family,which had fallen due to illegal doings. Pima is Nailers close friend she is one of the people in charge of the Light Crew. Tool is a half-man and is a member of the Heavy Crew who helps Nailer. Sadna is a scavenger on the Heavy Crew and is Pimas mother. These characters play important parts in the story of Ship Breaker.
In the book Nita hides from her fathers enemies, who are trying to capture her. She is seeking to get back at them. Nailer and Tool agree to take Nita to New Orleans to try to find one her fathers loyal ships. Nailers father,who teams up with Nita's father, leads a mission to capture Nita, they succeed. Nailer then tries to find a loyal captain to save her. he finds Captain Candless. They rescue Nita and deal with Nailers father. After that they escape the ship with Nita. Nailer is given work on the ship and is able to live a better life without his father. I strongly recommend this book because it not only has action but it reveals an important lesson of the story