What can your Librarian do for you?

Collaborator! Technology guru! Reading cheerleader!

What is the role of a Librarian?

Here at Smart's Mill we're here to help you with so much more than just checking out books. Librarians are instructional partners, information specialists and teachers. Our focus is to support the staff and students of Smart's Mill in achieving their goals.

What's an Instructional Partner?

Are you an expert on all the standards taught in our school? We are! And we have the resources to prove it. Why work harder when you can work smarter and collaborate with your librarian? We would love to help you develop your curriculum. In fact, collaboration with a librarian allows you more time to plan as you're sharing the work load. Come to us, or let us bring the resources to you! We're happy to co-teach, suggest methods to enhance lessons with technology, assist with assessment and even help with grading!

Check out some of the amazing lessons we've already done:

Librarian: Information Specialist

This title is more of the traditional role for the librarian - we are the resource and information specialists. Have a question - can't find the answer? Need something? Want to revamp that tired old poster project? Off to the library you go! We don't have it? Oh, we'll get it for you. Our library is accessible 24/7 and our helpful staff is only a click away. We pride ourselves in being experts in all media and would love to model new Web 2.0 technologies to your classroom.

Wait - we're Teachers too?

Yup - we teach every student in the entire school, every grade, every year. Our goal in the library is to promote the AASL standards, and empower students to become critical thinkers, readers, researchers and ethical users of information. We want students to read for fun and understanding, to be able to access information and use it correctly, and ultimately assess their own learning.