Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I have decided to use Torderov theory technique; however as my documentary was only the first 5 minutes therefore I could not portray this effectively. I have tried my best to portray it and in the beginning stage; I introduced the documentary with a montage of videos to begin raising questions within my audience, whilst also giving them chance to introduce themselves to some new information. Within this information I included many facts and figures for example ‘2,000 immigrants a night were trying to get into terminal’, this was a key convention that I noticed throughout my research, therefore I thought it important to use it in my own documentary. Its purpose is to shock and surprise the audience, causing them to become intrigued and continue watching for more information. As well as this is included a range of different views. I used views from the public during the Vox Popular part of my documentary as well as views from a professional body in this case a politician. This introduces different views from social groups causing the audience to believe that this is real as the public views many be the same as other peoples and therefore are more likely to relate to the information being given. As well as this the professional adds in a more educated view and professional opinion. The conflicting ideas again cause disequilibrium as they do not necessarily completely agree with each other therefore connoting to Toderov theory however having a slight modification due to the documentary genre. To follow the real Chanel 4 documented I had to include more cut away images than I had originally planned. Cut aways are a key conventions throughout not only channel 4 documentaries but also in general. This therefore made it very important for me to include them within my documentary. They work to piece the locations together for the audience, allowing them to understand when the location is changing and the type on environments they are introduced to this introducing the person featured. Next I included a montage of videos in the first couple of minutes of my documentary. I have noticed through watching existing documentaries that many of them used this technique to catch the audience’s attention from the start. It allows the audience to see small sections of what is going to be coming up next whilst still not giving them all of the information. I thought this was a good convection to stick as it is very typical to Channel 4. Many of the documentaries I viewed had this, including ‘’the truth about immigration’’ that I have analysed during my research. All of the footage comes from the news reports in the past year where the migration crisis was very serious. By doing this I am showing that the documentary will be about and give the audience time to think about their opinions.

Newspaper Advertisement

First research I have done was to find the Channel 4 font. I edited this together to create the Title and the sub title of my newspaper advertisement in order to create a very authentic style. The font allows me to literally mimic this style and alongside this I tried to arrange in a way that is very repetitive throughout all of Channel 4’s adverts. They use a simple technique of having the writing and surrounding boxes in contrasting colours to make it stand out. As well as they try to use the technique of minimalism. That why I have tried to keep the details on my newspaper advert to the minimum .Whilst this technique was initially chose to represent the Channel 4 style I also used the contrasting colours of black and white to further portray the meaning of the whole documentary.

The colours of the image are also very dark. By rejecting the soft tone that the image usually have in a Channel 4 advertisement I am adding an additional tone to my work. The hard colours help to reflect that the subject matter is not to be taken lightly and therefore I have changed the contrast of the picture to reflect a very serious tone. I have decided to keep the editing nearly invisible to give the audience time to spot the differences, which are the racist words on the products.

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Listing Magazine Article

Drop Capitals
the listing magazine has many minor conventions which must be stuck to in order to connote to a magazine style for e.g drop capital, page numbers, pull quotes etc.…
I stuck nearly all of the conventions of the magazines I looked at. I used the drop capitals in order to allow the reader to easily know where the start of the article, this makes them more likely to read it as the big letter catches their attention

Page Numbers
Next I added in other small feature such as page numbers in order to create an authentic double page spread. The page numbers allow the pages to be easily located from the contents page therefore again creating ease for the reader.

the image itself is large a cover a good proportion of the page, this sticks to the conventions of a typical Radio times magazine. The image was used as I conveys to the audience the same message as in my newspaper article. I have chosen a picture of Buckingham Palace as its one of the most famous landmarks in England. By adding different flags on the roof I have tried to highlight the facts that England may not be ours anymore. I have used Photoshop to add the different flags to show how England is overpopulated with growing number of immigrants.

As well as this I used a Headline and subline, two essential features. The headline is ‘Is this our England?’, although this is not the main title of the documentary it grabs the audience’s attention to the subject at hand. As well as this the idea of England being overloaded with immigrants may intrigue the audience. We all know this is a growing problem as people exposed to it on a day to day basis.

Pull Quotes
Also there was the use of a grab quote. This instantly pulls the audience’s attention to a specific line of the text that is important. It is generally used to shock and thus intrigue the audience to find it context in the article. This therefore makes them more likely to watch it therefore having a knock on effect as they remember the article and will be more inclined to watch the documentary its self.

Social Media:

By adding the social media icons I have shown to the audience that I follow today’s trends and they can view the article online. As well as that, they can be part of the online discussion.

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