Come buy a Tree on a Boat!

Costs $25.99

Why you need a Tree on a Boat!

Do you want to garden while sailing? Well, we've solved that! Buy a Tree on a boat! The tree has two branches. The tree does take up a lot of room. Even though the boat has a tree on it, it does still float. You can still sit on the boat, but if you don't be careful you can fall off very easily. While the tree is a natural tree color( you know brown trunk, green leaves) the boat is many colors! You can also pick the colors when you order online.
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Only $25.99!

Tree on a Boat- Five Stars!

Everyone loves Tree on a Boat!

Everyone who tries the Tree on a Boat loves it!

"Now I can have fun gardening and sailing at the same time!"

-A random person


Tree may fall off if pushed or going to fast!